Vegan eats in Newcastle: Little Green

The other day I had the pleasure of going to eat at Little Green in Newcastle. It’s a bit off the main grid but not far from where I live (perhaps to my purses’ downfall).

Firstly, it has it’s own refill section (amazing), it’s very open and cosy, with a real good laidback feel. My friend and I felt very comfortable.

The owners are just incredible. We ended up having a good five minute chat about the reality of opening a cafe and how she wants to move forward stressing the fact it’s all vegan. When the cafe opened that perhaps would have been enough to scare people off, but that’s just not the case anymore – people are a bit more open and considering the high populace of students in Newcastle, they’ve got a real market. They really were lovely!

The menu was really good, everything was tempting. I was pleased with how all of it seemed like fresh choices, if that makes sense. Like even the pizzas seemed incredible – for example ‘The Fresca’ is made with fresh tomato, pumpkin pesto and mozzarella (vegan obvs).

We decided to get burrito bowls and some dough balls on the side.

Oh. My. God. Those dough balls. They were freshly baked, soft, and buttery. The garlic mayo and the chilli dip were the perfect accompaniments. We were just blown away. I could have them again ten times.

The burrito bowl was super fresh and tasty. The jackfruit was flavoursome, I’m not sure what they marinated it with. Everything just mingled together beautifully.

And it wasn’t really expensive, all that coming to under £30 with drinks included.

Honestly, I couldn’t recommend it more. If you’re in the area, support a local business. It’s close enough to Heaton & Jesmond Dene parks, so why not have a lovely walk and lunch out? Or treat yourself to a guilt free evening meal, knowing you’re supporting an entirely vegan small business. They host a bunch of other things as well; I’ll be attending a clothes swap in March!

Those dough balls. *heart eyes*n

Meg x

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