About me

Hey, my name’s Megan and I’m a 24 year old who believes in dancing wildly and trying your best. In 2016 I watched this video about a cow separated from its calf and all of a sudden they didn’t seem so tasty… At the time I didn’t realise what a domino effect not eating meat would have: from pescatarian, to vegetarian, to completely cruelty free in my products – all in the space of a year. I loved the changes I was making.

But I realised I needed to take a step further than that, the environment is under threat, for us and cows alike. I greatly underestimated the amount of research I would need to do to become plastic free and vegan. So I’ve been prepping for months to make sure I won’t end up a) tearing my hair out, b) beating myself up, c) deficient in some vitamin I’ve never heard of.

2019 seems like a pretty cool place to start. Especially since I now know it’s progress over perfection always. This blog will be for documenting my journey into a more ethical way of living (without breaking the bank).